Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What are YOU doing here?

Hey Hey In Betweeners!! I've missed you! I've been off teaching workshops and traveling unbeaten paths! But I'm back now and I want to share something with you...

What are YOU doing here? No seriously, why are you here? Who invited you to this party that's being thrown by Life? You maybe laughing but I'm asking you a serious question. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?

I honestly believe that one of the worse things we can do at this point in our lives is to ignore why we're here. When you were created, you were made with specificity and love. You were also sent here with a purpose. There was also a "manual" embedded in you. Think about that. Everything you need to know about you is in a manual within your spirit! WHAT?!? Yes, right there within you. But here's the tricky part: connecting with your true self. I'm calling that your spirituality.

You ever tried something new or helped someone and it was so organic that you weren't giving much energy to thought? I believe those are our jolts of energy to connect the conscious mind with your spirit (or subconscious mind). Talking to yourself is another way to connect. Although we joke about answering ourselves, we actually our actions. Have you noticed that when you are doing something that doesn't speak true to you, your overall being changes? I'm not talking about doing homework, visiting in-laws or double dating with a friend just so that they're comfortable, I mean making a move that doesn't speak to your true self. I'm talking about working in a career that you hate. I'm talking about dating someone that you KNOW doesn't match your energy but you date them because you're "lonely." This also goes for getting into business relationships that don't represent your values, but you do it for the money.

SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? What's your purpose? I define purpose as using your God-given talents and gifts to cultivate, enrich, uplift and evoke change in people and the world around you. Your purpose is so great! And I also believe we have more than one purpose. We were made to be multifaceted.WOW! I posted a thought I had on Facebook that read, "Be prepared to be an angel today. You never know when you're needed to be a vessel." Do you agree??

Queen, how do I find my purpose?
My best advice, and this is what I used as a guide, go back to being a kid. What did you love as a child? Children are in such a pure state with imaginations beyond anything we can fathom. Unfortunately, as we get older, we lose that imagination...go find your little Superhero or your Princess Awesomeness. :)

Also, write it down...I'm guilty of not doing this but writing down your vision, gives your purpose clarity.
Tackle your fear!! Until you do this, you're taking away from your purpose-filled life. Man, don't you want to just go out into the world looking for the opportunity to do acts of greatness? Who wants to just clock in and out, occasionally go to dinner or a movie, spend majority of your time planning your two week vacation for the year (out of 365 days, sheesh!), oh and collect debt. All of that to be followed by dying! Two of my mentors, Trina and Kim, call that "living on the surface" and those that participate in this lifestyle are "the living dead." How morbid. That's not you. You're "in between" not crossing over! LOL! LIVE THEN! And do it with zest!

Your heart, my love.
~The Queen 


  1. I just realized about a week ago how one can find their purpose In life.. There are 4 questions .
    1)what do you have a true passion for?
    2)what burdens you the most?
    3)what are your God giving Gifts?
    4)what experiences has God allow...ed you?

    I beleive that the answers to these questions are written on the wall for us all if we just open our eyes. Most of us are scared of the answers and want to be what the next man or woman is.. It's a fact that when your on your God giving assignment nothing but favor and blessings will rain down. And no one walking this earth can stop what God had placed in your heart.

    **just my thoughts

  2. Sean! You hit it right on the head! I really like your question, "What burdens you?" How many of us complain about our burdens, yet we still allow ourselves to experience unnecessary regression. We must press the 'reset' button on our thinking, seriously.

    Thx for commenting, my dear brother :)